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Thursday, February 17, 2011

10 Reasons It's Great To Be An Indie Author

Being an author is great, but being an indie author is a whole different ball game.  Here are 10 reasons why it's great to be an indie author.

10.  You can tap into hot markets while they are still hot!  Being an indie author means that you can release your book faster and take advantages of the ever changing popularity of different genres.

9.  Indie authors have more creative control over cover design.  As an indie author, your book can be presented exactly as you pictured it.  Do yourself a favor and study other covers in your selected category.

8.  Indie authors have control over the pricing of their novels.  As e-readers and POD books become the industry standard, indie authors are ahead of the game by pricing their work competitively against traditionally published books.

7.  You can make money from unpublished novels wasting away in your desk drawer.  Put those stories to work for you by uploading them to your favorite e-reader distributer!

6.  There are no deadlines!  You can work as fast or as slow as you want!

5.  You can be as creative as you want with marketing!  As an indie author, you can host your own contests and giveaways to promote your work!

4.  Indie authors are being recognized with the same artistic admiration that in the past was saved for indie film makers.  Enjoy the artistic title and show your unique personality no and then to keep people on their toes.

3.  As an indie author, you don't have to wait for a good book to come out, you can write one yourself.

2.  If you weren't a writer, then those characters making all that noise in your head would just be voices.  How creepy would that be?

1.  Being an indie author gives you the ability to enjoy creative freedom at its best.  Be proud of your indie status!

I'd love to hear your ideas on your favorite part of being an indie author!


  1. I feel dumb asking, but I've looked all over your website and I still don't know what exactly an Indy author is. Could you explain or direct me to the website? Thanks.

  2. If I may answer Jenny's question - an indie author is an author who has made the conscious choice to bring his or her work to a readership independently, without the involvement of any corporate middlemen. There are as many different reasons for doing so as there are indie authors, but many of those reasons can be found in the post above. =')

    Indie authors are to books as indie filmmakers are to film, and as indie musicians are to music.

  3. An Indie Author is a Self-published, Independent Author.